An elegant, versatile text editor for iPhone and iPod Touch. Its beautiful and clean interface gets out of the way and lets you get to what you are writing.

WriteUp allows you to organize notes into folders, and syncs with Dropbox so your files are available from anywhere.





  • Create, edit and view text files on your iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Organize your notes with folders
  • Preview Markdown files with one tap
  • Find notes quickly and easily. Full body search
  • Versions. Browse and restore part or complete previous versions. Never lose a note again.
  • Move notes into other folders easily right from the app
  • Available anywhere: WriteUp stores all files in your own Dropbox account, so you have the files anywhere you are
  • Offline support: Upload changes to files next time you get connected
  • TextExpander touch support
  • Autosave
  • Full screen editing for distraction free writing


The app requires a Dropbox account. You can create one in the app for free. For more information on Dropbox please visit Dropbox.com.

Please contact me at support@prasannag.com for feature requests or sending bug reports, and I will personally reply the requests.